Creating your watchmaking mechanism together

Through our Open R & D service and watchmaking technical office, we can offer you an authentic creative centre and a complete partnership for projects concerning the development of mechanisms, movements, modules, complications, and watches

A genuine One-Stop-Shop at the service of watchmaking, Open R & D is an incubator for innovation that places at your disposal the creativity and skills of our technical office and watch laboratory, in support of original and tailor-made development projects.

The integrated structure and competence center available at VMF – unparalleled in the Swiss watch industry – allow us to engage as required as complete project manager for the creation of watches and other timepieces. This means our clients can rely on the comprehensive know-how, reliable products and high-end aesthetics that are the foundation of our reputation.

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Creative force for adapted solutions

By starting from creative concepts and exclusive new movement developments through to their production, or through implementation of different levels of customization of the same movement architecture up to production, VMF proposes complete and customized solutions.

A genuine One-Stop-Shop based on the creativity and skills of its technical office and watchmaking laboratory, Open R & D makes it possible to respond to your specific needs and specifications – either for complication modules adapted to VMF, third-party movements or complete movements.