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For more than 20 years, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier has been constructing mechanical watch movements. Designed to our customers wishes, they are created by the Technical Office. Prototypes are built and developed by the Watchmaking Laboratory. Then the Production Engineering Office adjusts and validates the production method for the movement. From an initial dream through to construction, we bring the most magnificent projects to life.


At the service of high-end watchmaking, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier has opted for excellence at all levels. Excellence in manufacturing with high-performance machines. Excellence in materials. Aesthetic excellence with quality finishes. Technical excellence with extensive, reliable, and creative chronometric capabilities. And we have transformed this approach to excellence into a reality with a complete range of six in-house calibres.


The finishing of every component of a Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movement is one of excellence. The entire mechanism is brought to life by the contrast of the matte surfaces of the plate, the bridges and wheels with the sparkling beveling of the bridges and the brilliance of the steels and sinks. Running in time with the movement, these mini bursts of light create a permanent show.


To design and build movements of excellence, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier has assembled a large park of machines. Either classic or resolutely modern, we are gradually entering the era of 4.0. These machines and robots permit us to manufacture our components. All these technical devices have only one goal: customer satisfaction.


For several years now, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier has been engaged in an operational excellence process. This being to ensure efficiency at all times and embed fluidity in the production processes, as well as maintain clarity in our information flows. Following up on the excellent work done so far, we are now instituting the same process in our operational procedures.


Created by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, our movements come with a twenty-four-month guarantee. We are working to significantly increase this legal warranty period. We are engaged in a project leading to a 10-year sign-off for our entire production. As of now, this operational guarantee is already in place for our VMF 3000 movement family.