Industrial watchmaking expertise, craftsman finishing 1

Industrial watchmaking expertise, craftsman finishing

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movements are high precision mechanisms constructed to work for a long time. We ensure their maintenance and repair and guarantee the availability of spare parts throughout their lifetime.

With a Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movement, you become the owner of craftsmanship and industrial watchmaking expertise of the highest level.

The aesthetic dynamic of our watch movements and components

Expertise industrielle et savoir-faire artisanaux

It is by both generating and concealing radiance, and by creating contrasts that we succeed so well in highlighting and enhancing our watchmaking mechanisms and movements.

At Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier the decoration of each piece is treated as the work of an artist. It thus becomes an added value, a net distinguishing trait that adds to and magnifies each component of our watchmaking mechanisms.

The shape of a movement bridge, the visual style, engraving and entire decoration can all be completely personalized to fit harmoniously into the aesthetic universe of our customers and watch brands.

High-end finishing

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier – Anglage machine

Microblasting: blasting elements with microbeads, which increases their matte appearance.

Lathe chamfering by hand: around the bridges and plate, the mirror polish of a bevel; doing it by hand with the lathe or with other tools makes it possible to refine the angles, making them concave in order to play with the light.Découvertes : chanfrein circulaire autour d’une pierre, d’une vis ; polies, elles renvoient l’éclat des rubis, le poli miroir d’une tête de vis.

Discovery: circular chamfering around a stone, a screw; once polished, they reflect the brilliance of the rubies, the mirror polish of a screw head

Circular graining: an ensemble of concentric circles with overlapping features; the regularity of their appearance, grain and size, as well as careful covering, helps to create a beautiful appearance.

Sunbursts: radiating lines on surfaces such as the steel gear wheels or balances.

Snailing: spiral lines on surfaces, steel wheels or bridge heels.

Drawing: by drawing lines on the surface, the contrasts between matte and gloss stand out clearly.

Geneva Waves: a typical decoration for bridges; carefully executed, it gives a rhythm to the surface of bridges by highlighting polished angles and discoveries.

Re-edging: the edges are buffed to eliminate any traces of machining and give them a uniform appearance.

Engravings: some engraving are mandatory, others are at the customer’s request; executed by hand, machine or laser, they help to personalise our movements.

Bicolour: the technique of protective coating of gold and rhodium makes it possible to highlight certain surfaces, engravings.

Exclusive movements and complications, 100% Swiss Made

All VMF movements are produced in Fleurier in keeping with the great tradition of Swiss watchmaking. Both rare and precious, these high-end mechanisms are part of an exclusive production process.

With the processes and production tools at their disposal, the 150 staff at Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier associate traditional craftsmanship with the benefits of repeatability and durability to achieve industrial levels of quality and reliability.

In keeping with traditional watchmaking criteria, VMF movements offer the guarantee of long-term consistency in their execution.

High-end calibres

Expertise industrielle et finition horlogère artisanale

A specialist in high-end mechanical movements, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier currently produces five families of calibres.

Automatic, hand-wound, extra-thin, with long power-reserves and complications, VMF movements are manufactured in the purest Swiss tradition and come with Haute Horlogerie finishing.

Our Movement Development Department designs customizable calibres and develops exclusive Haute Horlogerie mechanisms starting from a blank sheet. VMF dedicates extensive resources to innovation aimed at continuously enhancing the performance of its products.

Our movements allow different levels of personalisation, with production runs starting from quantities of 25 for Vaucher Private Label calibres, to quantities of several hundred or thousand for movements in the Prestige and Personalised ranges.

High-performance sprung balance

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movements are all fitted with a variable-inertia balance made by our sister company, atokalpa. This device allows the frequency to be adjusted simply and precisely, in 5 settings, by adjusting the inertia.

Innovation and watchmaking reliability

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier – Composants

Already available as standard on our movements, the variable-inertia balance is gradually being extended to all movements in the Prestige line. This device allows the frequency to be adjusted simply by modifying the inertia.

As high-end chronometric instruments, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movements offer a remarkable level of reliability. Qualified and validated in-house, they can be awarded   Chronofiable® certification by an external institute, at the client’s request.

Due to their exceptional performance, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier movements can support any type of additional complication while giving every guarantee of reliability.