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Watchmaker testimonials

Our know-how acquired during our collaborations with prestige watch brands is meant to be shared, insofar as it is not protected by provisions specifying exclusivity. Independent creators and luxury brands looking to diversify their activities are key beneficiaries of these relationships.


For the creation of his second model, the choice of VICENTERRA was focused on a prestige movement at the level of the LUNA Volume 1 design and its exclusive complications. So it was natural for VICENTERRA to approach Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, which is a reference in the manufacture of high-end movements.

Vincent Plomb, fondateur de Vinceterra SA

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier is the first manufacture of Haute Horlogerie movements to offer a concept of a private label “client-dedicated-incubator”.

Maison Alexandre Meerson


Maison Alexandre Meerson creates exceptional timepieces, designed to provide style and precision to the most connoisseur of clients. The Meerson style is a balance of power and delicacy. It signals an independent personality, discreet and elegant, employing contrast both in shapes and in noble materials. It suggests travel and inspires personal adventure. The precision is one of gesture and high-quality watchmaking. Our requirement in this is also extreme, in its respect of both tradition and a passionate, innovative spirit.

Alexandre Meerson, founder of Maison Alexandre Meerson

Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier is fully able to offer exclusively manufactured movements. The interest for VICENTERRA is to be able to highlight its “spatial complications”. It is in our joint values ​​of integrity and audacity that we met with the men and women of Manufacture Vaucher. We had long been seeking someone to build the watchmaking calibre for us to use as a base for the first Meerson movement. We wanted to work with an authentic manufacturing team, masters of their art and the love of a job well done. To listen, understand and share…

Working as a team with Manufacture Vaucher is a pleasure and a privilege at every moment. That is why we take so much pleasure in this beautiful collaboration, with those who have become our friends.