Movements & complications

From the personalised movement to the complete labelled watch

Vaucher Private Label makes its know-how available to watchmakers and talent brands working in small volumes, by giving them access to our movements.

Our expertise as a maker of movements, a promise of excellence

An experienced player in the world of Haute Horlogerie, Vaucher Private Label combines its exceptional offer of high-end movements with a range of high-performance services to back up its promise of excellence. From design to after-sales servicing, Vaucher Private Label can accompany you in the realisation of your projects by placing its skills at your disposal and paying close attention to your requirements. Its supply capacities and its after-sales service for watches and movements give you the guarantee of short delivery times and a long product lifespan.

Personalisable proprietary movements

Vaucher Private Label has developed a range of personalisable movements. Their oscillating weights have been specially designed to serve as the ideal base for the creative talents of each client, who can thus make their movements unique. Similarly, Vaucher Private Label mechanisms can be enhanced with complications with the aid of additional modules.

An industrial watchmaking resource for the entire value chain

Thanks to its integration in an independent skills network, Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier produces 95% of its components, and brings together more than 50 watchmaking professions, the guardians of rare skills, coupled with a proven capacity for innovation. Such vertically integrated proficiency across the entire value chain of the mechanical watch, from components to the watch case and dial guarantees long-term security for the client in terms of supply and after-sales service.